"Mr. Checkers the Magician," Music & "ART's Diner!"
"Mr. Checkers the Magician," Music & "ART's Diner!"

Fun for All! The hands are faster than the eye!

"ART's Diner!" Where every "meal's a masterpiece!" Be a "Patron of Art's!" Join the fun! To see some of the art created by Locust Grove Primary School's ART's Diner students, click on the photo above.

Magic, Music & ART!

Any audience is in for a great time at a performance by John Lentine, who's been known as

"Mr. Checkers the Magician"

since 1969. With amazing illusions and joyful audience participation, it's hard to find more wholesome family entertainment for your event. 


"ART's Diner" is the name for John Lentine's classroom in his role as the Art Teacher at Locust Grove Primary School in Locust Grove, Virginia. In this  creative cooperative learning model, John is the "Head Chef" (Mr. Art) in this fun and unique "diner" setting to teach art.  

John also uses music and magic to teach art in a truly remarkable and unforgettable way!

"Mr. Checkers the Magician" & "ART's Diner" Welcome You!

"Your Life and Talents are God's Gift to you.

What you do with them is your gift to God!" 


   This quote, from Leo Buscaglia, really captures my personal philosophy.


   My name is John Lentine, aka "Mr. Checkers the Magician!" and "Mr. Art" of  "ART's Diner."


     Since 1969, I have been known as "Mr. Checkers the Magician,"  (named by Mom after the checkered lined cape my sister made for me long ago), and I have performed shows extensively in Alaska, (where I lived for thirty six years), all over the United States and even in Europe. My shows are family oriented and can also feature a theme. I can do a show about anything!

My most popular themes are "The Magic of Faith" and "The Magic of Reading" and I can entertain at any event from a child's birthday party to a corporate conference.  

     P.S. My cape has long since worn out, but the band around my hat is made from its famous lining.


    "ART's Diner" is a unique setting that I created for teaching art, and I am presently serving at Locust Grove Primary School in Locust Grove, near Fredericksburg, VA. In this cooperative learning model, I am the "Head Chef" and my students fill many roles at each of the six color coordinated tables. The four roles at each table are as follows: Seat #1: HOST OR HOSTESS (They help with attendance and table members behavior),  #2: BUS-BOY OR BUS-GIRL (They pass out art materials for the day), #3: WAITER OR WAITRESS (They pass out the art) and #4: HEALTH INSPECTOR (They are in charge of their table members' clean up). Students rotate around the table each school quarter so they each get to work at all of the jobs throughout the year. While no actual food is ever used, each art project has a food name such as "Shape-ka-bobs" or "Van Gogh's Snail, Worm and Ladybug Stew." In addition, all students work on their own "MENU" instead of a portfolio. I also use magic and music in my teaching style and incorporate large television monitors to help in demonstrating art techniques or for students to share their work. We do have fun as all students discover the artist in themselves!

Contact:           John Lentine       32454 Gadsden Lane            Locust Grove, VA        22508 (540) 290-7501 email:               johnalentine@ gmail.com 

A Mr. Checkers Magic show will delight any audience! There's nothing like the sound of  laughter along with amazing illusions!

ART's Diner! Where every meal's a masterpiece!

Be a "Patron of ART's!"

To see some of the artwork done by      Locust Grove Primary School's

ART's Diner students, visit this Artsonia website:

To Listen to some of John's original music, visit his YouTube page at



or drop by his Facebook video page located at this web address on Facebook:


John writes and performs original music. Check it out.
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